...And now we are left with the work, sprawling across a lifetime. It’s interesting to see where he fits into both the grand and humble schemes of things. He was a contemporary of John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Cliff Richard, and Raquel Welch. He began writing The Pentateuch during the long hot summer of 1976, while Concorde started to boom in the sky above his attic studio. Artists don’t just exist in some lofty parallel world where only art happens. I can remember him standing by the dodgems in 1970, smoking his pipe while Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep blared through the sparking, crackling mesh in the ceiling, and the siren skirled.

He liked digestive biscuits. He was bitten by a dog. He rode a bike. He painted some pictures. Here they are.

Daniel James Woodroffe 2019


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This website is a link to the archived website that Patrick maintained while he was working (link). It is also an index of the works that have been made available for sale from the artists collection.

Welcome to the official Patrick Woodroffe website.

These are etchings, books, posters, reproductions and original artworks. Many of these are very rare and availabile in very limited numbers. To see what is currently available please use the drop menu on the left hand side.

Patrick James Woodroffe (27 October 1940 Ð 10 May 2014) was an English artist, etcher and drawer, specialised in fantasy science-fiction artwork, with images that bordered on the surreal. His achievements include several collaborations with well-known musicians, two bronze sculptures displayed in Switzerland and numerous books.