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Patrick Woodroffe: 27th October 1940 - 10th May 2014

'Patrick's family have left this site online as a memorial to him and as a place where his friends and admirers can visit to remind themselves of his life and work'. The news page will be updated as necessary so please check this out.

I've added this new LINK that you may find interesting.

My NEWS page is up-dated every month and a lot of details can be seen, but I should warn you that it could take time to download if you're not on something like BROADBAND...


Claus Brusen Mikkelsen is the publisher of my new book "BENIGN ICONS". It was launched including an exhibition of some of my work at his new gallery "FANTASMUS" in Saeby, Denmark on 14.06.08. It was interesting when I searched for FANTASMUS on the web, and found it at the TOP! A lot of details about the sale can be seen on my NEWS page.

So, if you want to contact Claus Brusen mainly if you want to buy my new book, here's his website address...

The 6 pages on the left - information - are the quickest to download. The 6 on the right contain far more images, so these are the most interesting, but also the slowest to download.

- author - poet - painter - sculptor -

I feel at home in my own imagery. I live in a world of my own, a planet with portraits and landscapes far too pretty to be called "modern art". My "Text & Images", which come just from my memories and my imagination, are nearly always limited to optimism. Tragic stories and ugly imagery never make me happy, so my website is here for good purposes - to keep in touch with friendly contacts, to meet up with new ones, especially with collaborators and sponsors for my ambitious projects. If this applies to you, then contact me by e-mail.


You will probably get an almost immediate reply, though I could be working.

Born in Halifax, Yorkshire, U.K. 1940. World War II was already giving my parents nightmares, reality just as stressful, but I was too young to be aware of it, my dreams already in bright colours. My mother tongue is English, but there are web-site texts in French and German because I had a language degree at Leeds University in 1964. I was taught neither painting nor writing, and although I worked as a schoolmaster for eight years, my paintbrush and my typewriter already active, I became a professional creator of Text & Images in 1972. I have had about 17 projects of my own, 11 of them already realised. I have lived in CORNWALL since 1964.

Yes, I have had many exhibitions, especially in Europe, so if you want to know more about that, then go to my PAST page.

Please remember that all the images and texts included in this web-site are owned by Patrick James Woodroffe, which means that nothing can be used for any other purposes without written permission from the owner. If any other copyrights are involved, then they shall be mentioned next to the appropriate image or text.

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